Mixed case of Ashover orchard fruits only range,

Case contains;


4 x 500ml Ashover Pippin 6.0% ABV.

100% pure juice wildly fermented cider made with a blend of hand-picked Derbyshire and Herefordshire Dabinett apples. It has a mellow taste with a real fresh apple flavour. 
Unfiltered, unpasteurised, bottle conditioned.

4 x 500ml Kingston Jack 5.5% ABV.

A full juice, unpasteurised, lightly carbonated med/dry cider.
Crafted in Ashover with care using only 100% fresh
pressed apples, hand-picked locally and blended with ancient cider apples from Hereford, with tonnes of Kingston Black and left untampered for a slow wild fermentation it is a flavoursome and complex vintage cider at a very easy drinking strength.
(named after our youngest cider maker ; )

4 x 500ml Apples & Pears 6.0% ABV.

A full juice unpasteurised, unfiltered cloudy, traditional cider, hand crafted with a blend of hand-picked local and Herefordshire cider apples back sweetened with 100% pure pear juice. A smooth medium fruity cider.

Orchard Fruits Mixed Case Bottles 12 x 500ml

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  • All of our ciders are hand-bottled with no interference from chemicals, filtering or pasteurisation as they are a natural live product they are therefore best used within three months of delivery, after this time they may build up their own 'fizz' (some do - some don't) ; )

  • 3-5 working days by courier

    All ciders are sent in secure purpose made carriage boxes in cases of 12